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04 Jul 20
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Greenhouse Designs - Choosing The Best For Your Garden
If you are a devoted gardener, then you perhaps would like or already have a greenhouse. A greenhouse permits a gardener to indulge in gardening all year round, but did you know that the design of the greenhouse is very important? Greenhouse designs vary according to what they are to be used for and to some extent where the garden is situated.
17 Jul 20
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Growing Advice For Perennials
An attractive garden with carefully chosen plants and a nice layout can provide pleasure all year round. Whether it is the height of summer or the deepest winter, your garden can provide a respite from the world around you, meaning all of the time you put into looking after it is sure to come back to you tenfold.
02 Aug 20
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Foundation Plants - Adding Curb Appeal to Your Home
Adding curb appeal to your home's front yard not only makes it more sellable, but makes it more enjoyable driving into your driveway. Foundation plants are shrubs, small trees, and perennials used for planting along the foundations of homes and building to soften their look, enhance curb appeal and tie it to the surrounding landscape.
02 Sep 20
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Flowers losing their scent
In today's hectic world, do you ever find time to stop and smell the roses? If you do, don't be surprised if you smell nothing. Researchers say the scent of many flowers including roses are vanishing and they're finding ways to bring it back.
23 Sep 20
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Flower Garden Design
Whether you've just moved into a house with no landscaping whatsoever, or if you just want to do a remake on your existing garden, the secret to success in a good flower garden design is in careful planning. Depending on the amount of space you have to work with, it may take a few seasons to get the garden filled out, but it's certainly doable.
29 Oct 20
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How Do I Get Newts In My Pond?
Newts are a type of amphibian that look a lot like salamanders. However, unlike salamanders, newts spend most or all of their life in the water. They are descended from salamanders, but branched off around sixty million years ago. Now, they're found in many temperate parts of the world, including Asia, Northern Africa, Europe, and North America.
13 Nov 20
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How Has Biotechnology Equipment Helped Improve the Food Supply?
Scientists today, who keep an eye on our health and welfare in the world, express concern over the possibility that we will run out of food in the future. This may happen for a number of different reasons, such as a widespread drought, localized flooding, or global climate change.
28 Nov 20
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How Homeowners on Well Water Use Calcite (Crushed Marble) to Neutralize Corrosive Well Water
Crushed marble, also known generically as calcite, is a naturally occurring calcium carbonate media that is crushed and screened. It can be used inexpensively to neutralize acidic or low pH waters to a neutral, less corrosive condition.For homes that use well water, one of the most common causes of copper pipe corrosion is low pH, also known as acidic water.
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