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April 24, 2020
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Agricultural Fertilizers Feed The Soil That Produces Crops

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Farms that grow crops often follow a rotation cycle that allows three different types of grains to be grown over three different years and then leaves a field empty during the fourth season. The reason for this is so that the ground can gain nutrients that are drawn out of the soil and have a chance to replenish the nitrates that are absorbed by the plants that are feeding on the rich fertile earth. In addition to rotating crops many farmers also rely on agricultural fertilizers to help the soil regain its strength. Towing liquid fertilizer carts behind a tractor after the harvest has been brought in at the end of the growing season allows the ground to absorb the nutrients that keep the soil fertile and allows the next years planting to take a firm hold in the earth.

By using a mixture of farm fertilizer and manure the soil is infused with the healthy nitrates that can produce an abundance of crops that will be harvested in the fall. Grains that are found in the open prairies of the Midwest provide food for millions of Americans throughout the year. Processed in the mills and factories that take the wheat, corn and oats and other grains and turn them into flour and cereal make it possible for breakfast lunch and dinner tables to be laid with the farm fresh grains that provide fiber to a healthy diet.
In other parts of the country vegetables are grown in the fertile soil that has benefitted from the agricultural fertilizers that allow carrots, peas, potatoes, lettuce and many other roots and tumors to grow underground. And then there are the fruit growers that have large orchards filled will all sorts of fruits that are picked from the branches of the trees at harvest time. From the upper northwest to the lower Southern states fruits, grains and vegetables are grown by farming communities that continue to feed Americans on a daily basis.

While the crop rotation provides farmers with the different nutrients that are put into and taken out of the soil there is a need to supplement the nitrates and other minerals that are absorbed by the vegetation growing on their land to ensure the health of crops that are flourishing as they mature. Pulling liquid fertilizer carts along each of the plowed fields that is being used to plant the next new crop of grains or vegetables, famers that are looking for a bountiful harvest know that the farm fertilizer they add to the soil content makes it possible for them to deliver the biggest and best harvest to the market when it comes time to sell their produce in the fall.


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