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March 19, 2020
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A Gift of Flowers for Men

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Many women have hesitated to send their special guy flowers on special occasions.. According to many behavioral studies, not only do men enjoy receiving flowers as a gift, but they also show an increase in social interaction and appear to be generally happier. This also had been proven in studies done years before on women who received flowers. In fact, it is said that over 60% of men surveyed by the Society of American Florists said that they would very much like to receive flowers for Valentine's Day. So with this part of the mystery solved, how do we know what the best flowers are to send to a man?

Because it is not yet a common practice to send flowers to men, there are no steadfast rules. However, there are a few proven preferences. For example, men seem to prefer more vibrant colored flowers as opposed to the softer shades of pink or yellow. They like reds, blues, purples and oranges. Stick to vibrant colors and steer away from pastels, unless you know them to be a favorite.

Tropical flowers are also popular with the gents. They seem to find the angular lines of exotic and tropical flowers appealing. Adding a bit of greenery may make the arrangement of flowers appear to be more masculine. If the guy receiving the gift is good with plants in general, consideration may want to be given to something that is potted as opposed to cut flowers.

You will want to consider the role this man plays in your life as well as the occasion for which you are sending the flowers. If you want to be romantic or convey that message, roses are popular. To make it more masculine, trying an unusual color may help. An example would be blue roses. Be careful when sending roses because the color does mean something and if your guy is up on such things (or has a female friend that is) you may create a disaster by sending the wrong color/message.

When it comes to the color of roses, they usually mean the following:

- Red stands for romance
- Yellow symbolize friendship
- Peach are to convey sincerity or gratitude
- Orange means desire
- Pink is to symbolize happiness or a secret love /crush
- White stands for purity
- Blue means unattainable or impossible

Other than roses, there are still a host of wonderful flowers out there that can do the job. Chrysanthemums, carnations, irises, lilies are all popular with the guys and come in a host of bright colors. With all of this being said, if you are still nervous about how your guy will react to getting flowers it can be toned down by adding something to the mix such as incorporating one of his hobbies into the bouquet. For example, if your guy likes fish, arrange a single flower or small bunch of flowers fastened to a new fishing rod with a bow. Try to be creative because after all, there are no rules here other than he has to be pleased with his gift.

It is also suggested that if you are unsure of what to send, you can contact a reputable florist who will have a good grasp on not only what flowers to use in the bouquet, but also how to dress them up. They will know how to help you send the perfect bouquet to the man in your life. Be brave because after all, men love to receive gift just like the girls do and for the same reasons. Most importantly, sending flowers shows that you are thinking about them!


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