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June 24, 2020
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Baby Shower Ideas - Decorating it Green!

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Many soon-to-be-mothers these days want to keep their baby shower as environment-friendly as possible. After they have registered items for their upcoming baby that are eco-friendly, they most likely think of green ideas for their baby shower. Luckily, there are lots of environmentally conscious suggestions that one can use in planning a green baby shower!

Planning an eco-friendly baby shower literally involves choosing decorations that suit best to the theme of the party. Since it is an environmentally conscious event, as the organizer, you must find decorations that can show off the love of the expectant mom to the mother nature.

One great idea for a simple, yet beautiful eco-friendly baby shower dcor is to use seasonal plants and flowers. You can use beautiful seasonal plants and flowers as centerpieces for the tables, instead of using silk ones. Another option is to reuse empty baby jars and bottles. Place colorful candies inside these containers and simply arrange them on the tables of the guests. Organic fruits such as apples, oranges or pears in bowls can also make wonderful centerpieces that can easily be decorated with a ribbon in a color that matches the theme of the event.

Another popular centerpieces that are baby diaper cakes. These are practical as they are very useful and often look good, always a hit during a baby shower. A diaper cake can either be purchased pre-made or you can make one at home. If you wish to make it organic, obviously you need to cloth diapers instead of disposable ones. In a diaper cake, there are also other organic items that you may want to insert such as organic burp cloth, baby bath products, and toys.

If you wish to hold the baby shower in the evening, using wonderful lighting made of organic soy candles creates an elegant effect to the entire occasion. The candles can double as party favors later on, which the guests would really love to take home.

For serving items, instead of using paper plates, plastic cups and other disposable good, use ceramic dishes and real utensils. They don't have to really be uniformed, as mismatched dishes often have a homey feeling. Real ceramic plates will not give you too much work, but if you opt for paper products, opt for biodegradable or recycled ones. These are easy to find at a local grocery store.

In addition, there are other green baby shower favors that you can choose from. They include small potted plants, seed packets, and flower bulbs.

Encourage the mom to save all the paper wrap after unwrapping the baby gifts. The ribbons, wrapping, and paper bags can be reused for her future reference. Most of the mentioned green baby shower supplies can be found online. So if you are a first-timer party organizer, don't worry because you can easily plan a baby shower with the help of the Internet. From baby shower invites, decorations, to favors and baby shower games, you can find lots of interesting and fun ideas online.


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