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May 19, 2020
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Adirondack Furniture - Make Memories In Its Timeless Style And Comfort

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Every year since you can remember you and your family have gone to a house on the shore. Your grandfather started the tradition long ago and you are continuing it. The modest house is almost surrounded by sand and some of your fondest memories are of sitting in the worn and faded blue Adirondack chairs looking at the sea and drinking icy cold lemonade.

There is nothing quite as comfortable as Adirondack furniture with its sloping seats, high slat backs and over-sized arms. Now you can bring some of that nostalgia home when you get some Adirondack furniture for your deck or yard. Crafted from solid wood or resin with the thickness of wood you can create your own backyard retreat.

Now the ones at the beach house were probably crafted by a local artisan, but you can find some Adirondack furniture of equal craftsmanship when you shop your local home stores in season or browse online. The internet offers a large selection of outdoor furniture at the most reasonable prices. And you can be thinking warm, beach thoughts as you peruse different chairs while the snow is blowing outside.

Maybe you want some bright blue pine Adirondack furniture that will fade with time or perhaps you want to purchase some that already look love and time worn from years of use and exposure to the elements. It's your choice. Make your selection from brightly colored resin furniture to Adirondack furniture made from teak, redwood or cedar. Each material has its own qualities from color variances to strength and durability.

For example the Adirondack furniture at the beach house was probably made of treated wood like Southern yellow pine that will accept paint and last for years resisting rot and water.

If they had been natural colored wood chairs they were probably made from teak. Known for its water and rot resistance, chairs and tables made from this tropical wood tend to last fifty years or more. If you choose resin or plastic furniture it may last even longer.

Besides being crafted from several materials, Adirondack furniture is also available in a variety of styles. Choose from shell back to fan back to rocking chair or bench. Maybe you want a swing for your front or back porch or a folding table and chair set for those summer picnic lunches under the trees.

Whether you want to recreate your summer childhood memories or create new memories in a retreat of your design you can do it with a few pieces of Adirondack furniture and an imagination. Re-design the beach house look from your youth; create the feel of a Southern plantation or a cottage in the woods. No matter what type, style or color of Adirondack furniture you choose you will love its timeless style and comfort.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of fresh air and warm sun on a summer afternoon in your Adirondack furniture and make new memories of the best times of your life.


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